Peer-reviewed journal articles

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*Second author

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Accepted registered reports

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†Co-first authors *Second author

Peer-reviewed conference proceedings

Tsui, A. S. M. & Fennell, C. T. (2019). Do Bilingual Infants Possess Enhanced Cognitive Skills? In A.K. Goel, C.M. Seifert, & C. Freksa (Eds.), Proceedings of the 41st Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, 3001-3007. Montreal, QB: Cognitive Science Society.

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Book chapters

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Papers in preparation

Tsui, A. S. M., Mathur, M. B., Frank, M. C., Brosseau-Liard, P. È. (in prep). The benefits and practical guidelines to log-transforming looking time data.

Tsui, A. S. M., Erickson, L., Thiessen, E., & Fennell, C. T. (in prep). Statistical word segmentation in a language mixing environment: A bilingual advantage.

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